Does PF1500 Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

compared with the LG PW800, the PF1500 is greater and about two pounds heavier, making it a touch much less transportable. it’s also brighter and offers higher resolution, at 1080p as opposed to the LG PW800’s 720p. compared with the LG PF1000U, which isn’t particularly transportable, it can provide the same resolution, but lacks a few functions, consisting of 3-D and the ultra-brief throw that shall we the LG PF1000U project a large photograph from near the screen. In maximum other ways, the 2 offer appreciably the identical functions, making the PF1500 almost as succesful at a decrease rate.


in case you connect the projector to a network, you can circulate video or audio from any network-linked DLNA device. And, of path, as with every tv or projector, if you join it to a cable box or the equal, you may watch something you could pick out at the cable field.

As with the LG PF1000U, the PF1500’s integrated tv tuner and LG clever tv are defining features that assist set it other than most projectors. join a coaxial cable from an antenna or different RF-video source, and you can use the PF1500 to surf television channels. connect it to a network the use of an Ethernet cable or the built-in wireless, and—assuming your community is attached to the web—you can stream video from an assortment of carriers, such as Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube. you could also use Google Maps, facebook, and Twitter, as well as use the built-in browser to download greater apps from LG SmartWorld.


unfortunately, it takes greater steps to get to the menu alternatives than with most projectors. And with most settings, the menu is hiding more than 1/2 of the display screen, so you can’t see the effect of each exchange as you are making it. but, these are simplest minor annoyances, and they only count number while you’re truely adjusting settings.

The menus additionally offer a wealth of settings you could tweak as needed. The default putting for frame interpolation is too high for my taste, for instance, developing a distracting digital-video effect. Turning it off leaves apparent judder (the jerkiness inherent in cloth filmed at 24 frames according to second). but, it did not take me lengthy to find a setting that smoothes the judder with out making a movie or filmed television show look like a cleaning soap opera.

It enables plenty that the PW1500 shows fairly few rainbow artifacts (red-green-blue flashes), that are constantly a challenge for unmarried-chip DLP projectors. I saw them occasionally enough in my tests that few human beings are probably to find them bothersome despite the fact that they see them without difficulty, as I do.

The PW1500’s image nice for video is near incredible general. In my checks, shade balance especially was extremely good in all predefined modes, with certainly impartial grays in any respect levels from black to white. I failed to see any posterization (shading changing all at once wherein it ought to trade regularly), and the projector did a tremendous task with color high-quality and shadow detail (info primarily based on shading in dark regions). The noise-discount characteristic additionally did a terrific activity of removing noise on screen, even though at high settings it additionally made the picture look a little gentle.


also worth point out is the Magic remote, that’s actually an air mouse. if you’ve never used an air mouse, it could take some being used to, considering controlling the mouse pointer on screen is a little intricate, but i’ve discovered that the more i use merchandise with an air mouse, the simpler it’s far to apply.

I measured the lag time, using a Leo Bodnar Video signal enter Lag Tester at 70 milliseconds (ms), which matches out to a little more than four frames at 60 frames in keeping with 2d. in case you need to play video games that rely on reaction time, it truly is long sufficient to count. in any other case, this might not be an problem.

The PW1500’s stereo sound device is another plus, with its pair of three-watt speakers presenting moderately appropriate sound fine and sufficient volume to fill a regular family room. If you will alternatively use an external audio device, you can connect it to either of the audio outputs or through Bluetooth.


there is also an AV-in port for either of two provided adapters. every offers 3 RCA phono plugs on its other quit, with one stressed for aspect video, and the opposite for composite video and stereo audio. For wireless connections, the alternatives encompass both wi-fi for connecting to a community and wireless Direct, plus help for both Intel wi-fi display (WiDi) and Miracast.

in addition to the Ethernet and coaxial connectors, the PF1500 offers two HDMI ports, one of which is MHL enabled; two USB kind A ports; and each mini jack and optical audio outputs. The USB ports permit you to read files at once from a USB memory key, in addition to join a mouse and keyboard to manipulate the projector menus or have interaction with the smart tv functions.

The PF1500 weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces and measures 3.three by five.2 through 8.7 inches (HWD). bodily setup is fashionable fare, with a manual recognition and a 1.1x zoom.


With the mild level traditional for a residing room at night time with lighting on, six hundred lumens would be suitable for roughly a 63-inch image (measured diagonally), which additionally matches the dimensions I settled on with ambient mild. you can use large sizes as properly, but the photograph seems a little washed out.

My subjective feel of the brightness is steady with what i might expect with approximately 600 lumens—which is also what I got with a brief and dirty fact-test size. consistent with the Society of motion photo and television Engineers (SMPTE) guidelines, 1,four hundred lumens have to be shiny enough in theater-darkish lighting fixtures for a 146- to 198-inch photo (measured diagonally), the usage of a 1.0-advantage display screen. it might be too brilliant for extended viewing with the ninety-inch photograph I used. but, a barely decrease brightness than six hundred lumens could be inside the right range for that photo length.

The PF1500 is built round a 1080p (1,920-by means of-1,080) DLP chip paired with red, green, and blue LEDs as a light source. alas, its brightness degree isn’t always clear. LG rates it as “as much as” 1,400 lumens, however provides the hedge that the rating is primarily based on “perceived brightness equal to brightness of…[a]…lamp projector,” that’s to mention, it is now not virtually 1,400 lumens in an goal, measureable experience. I requested LG what the 1,400-lumen equal declare is based on, however have not acquired a solution as of this writing.

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